Handling The Final Affairs Of An Estate

When a parent or cherished loved one dies, the family comes together to grieve and share memories. Unfortunately, there will likely be one or two family members who will be responsible for handling the final details of the estate. Most of the time, someone will volunteer out of love. Often, it falls to the surviving spouse or adult son or daughter living in the immediate area.

Zaino Law Group, LPA, has a team of attorneys and staff that focuses much of its professional practice on estate and probate law, assisting executors and family representatives with all final administrative details.

Our probate and estate administration lawyers provide a full range of services, including:

  • Probating a decedent's estate with or without a will
  • Handling all asset valuation and distribution per terms of the decedent's will
  • Trust administration, assisting trustees and/or serving as trustee
  • Resolving contested will disputes and litigation matters
  • Working with creditors and other contracted parties
  • Business succession
  • Title transfers
  • Final federal and state tax matters

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